MORE MIDWEST ART AND ARCHITECTURE In addition to the Figge, other great museums across the Midwest are known for their art and architecture.

Akron Art Museum. The newly expanded museum opened its 63,000-square-foot glass-playhouse addition in July. (

Milwaukee Art Museum. Perched atop the new wing of this museum is a giant bird whose hydraulic wings flap at noon, the creation of nature-inspired architect Santiago Calatrava. (

Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center. Zaha Hadid's concrete and glass masterpiece has put Cincinnati on the map the same way the Figge has done for Davenport. (www.contemporaryarts

Toledo Museum of Art. Chipperfield's Japanese-inspired design seen at the Figge is restrained in its use of light compared to the Toledo Art Museum's Glass Pavilion, designed by the Japanese firm SANAA. (

And if you like the Figge, you might also enjoy the Des Moines Central Public Library, which was also designed by Chipperfield. After city officials saw the Figge, they asked the architect to build their library (www.desmoineslibrary. com). Likewise the St. Louis Art Museum is currently undergoing a major expansion, which has been planned and is being built by Chipperfield (