After rain drenched a part of the Southeast on Wednesday, more of the region will get soaked on Thursday. Additional incidents of flash flooding may ensue.

Heavy rain spread from central Mississippi to upstate South Carolina on Wednesday. The 2.5 inches of rain Shelby, Ala., received early in the morning brought Spring Creek out of its bank. Minor flooding occurred on a neighboring road.

A new zone of heavy rain will likely develop over the central Gulf Coast Wednesday night. That rain should spread from southern Alabama and northern Florida to southern South Carolina on Thursday. A band of drenching rain should also push through Kentucky and Tennessee this day.

Flash flooding could ensue, especially where rain poured down on Wednesday.

Even if roads do not become flooded, motorists should use caution. The potential for vehicles to hydroplane will heighten. Visibility will become poor from not only the rain, but also spray from other cars and trucks.

Story by Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski