Let's start here: We have not seen "The Blind Side." We have not seen it for two distinct reasons: 1) Sandra Bullock is in it. 2) The previews made it look like a made-for-TV movie.

Now: We have been told by several people that it is much better than we probably thought it would be. That will help us get past the second point. The first point? Well, sometimes you have to violate your own rules. Despite the Bullock presence, we will probably have to see this movie sometime.

But: Bullock as an Academy Award winning actress? Did that really happen last night? Perhaps it's the minor film snob in us talking here, and we understand it's patently unfair to judge a performance we haven't even seen, but ... wow. Trust us when we say this best-picture nominated movie (albeit in a year when the field was watered down with an expansion to 10 nominations, which we hated) will have to be so much better than anything we were expecting, and Bullock's performance will have to resemble something of a complete transformation from anything we have ever managed to see from her previous catalog, in order for us to stop feeling this way. Seriously, did anyone see "The Proposal?" It also came out in 2009. And it was typical mediocre fare from her.

Maybe the film and her performance delivers a complete transformation via the perfect role. Feel free to chide us in the comments. Perhaps we deserve it. But as of now, we're still blind-sided by "The Blind Side."

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