Compiled by Ken Chia


The combined announced attendance from Saturday's two hockey finals here (6,180 at Xcel for the Big Ten between the Gophers and Michigan, 11,643 at Target Center for the NCHC between St. Cloud State and UMD) falls nearly 1,000 fans short of what the X drew for its most recent WCHA final (18,782 for Wisconsin and CC in 2013).


Speaking of attendance, the Timberwolves' is the second-worst in the NBA, but that figures to get a boost when Steph Curry, a k a not-Jonny Flynn, and the Warriors resume their quest for history (7 p.m., FSN).


"Get some muscle on his line and someone that will watch his back and you'll see a different player IMO too. [Zach] Parise takes far more abuse here than he ever did in Jersey."

Rookeye on Jim Souhan's Parise column at


"From everything we've heard, Drake LaRoche appears to be being raised to be an MLB player & that's it. What if he's not good enough?"

Julie DiCaro on the Adam LaRoche/White Sox situation.