packersPackers fans and Vikings fans will never agree on much (at least football-wise … in real life, we agree on as many things as the general population agrees upon). They’re allied on a distaste for the Bears and Cowboys. They like a beer at the game. And that’s about it.

But we can’t help but think the two groups are growing closer, at least in understanding, as Green Bay catches up to Minnesota in gut-punching playoff losses. Yes, yes, we know, Packers fans: Green Bay has won four Super Bowls, including after the 2010 season. That’s a nice pillow to land on. But still, the past dozen years have vaulted the Packers toward the star-crossed Vikings when it comes to misery. Consider:

2002 season: The Packers and Brett Favre, previously seemingly invincible in home playoff games, are routed 27-7 by the Falcons at Lambeau Field.

2003 season: Packers lose to Philadelphia in overtime of the playoffs, which the Eagles forced on the miracle 4th-and-26 completion near the end of regulation from Donovan McNabb to Freddie Mitchell.

2004 season: Packers lose a home playoff game to the Vikings and mooning Randy Moss.

2007 season: In Brett Favre’s final game with the Packers, they lose in overtime, at home, in the NFC title game to the Giants.

2009 season: Overtime loss at Arizona, a 51-45 shootout. The winning play is a strip sack fumble of Aaron Rodgers returned for a touchdown, a play on which a penalty could have been called for grabbing Rodgers’ facemask.

2011 season: A 15-1 regular season is washed away with a home playoff loss to the Giants.

2012 season: Colin Kaepernick runs wild in a 45-31 49ers playoff win.

2013 season: The Packers again lose a home playoff game, 23-20 to San Francisco. The 49ers’ game-winning field goal comes within an eyelash of being blocked.

2014 season: We all saw what happened Sunday in Seattle, but this was probably the biggest punch of all. Up 19-7 and in control, the Packers lost the lead, rallied to tie, then lost in overtime — almost like losing twice.

Green Bay fans: We count a lot of rough endings, including four of the past 12 seasons ending with OT playoff losses. If you need further advice or coping mechanisms for all this, we have you covered.

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