Minneapolis’ Mixed Blood Theatre Company is launching a major fundraising campaign — the first in its 40-year history — as it kicks off its 40th anniversary season.

The initiative, called “- ism: Mixed Blood Theatre Company Major Gifts Campaign,” aims to bring in $2.4 million. Of that, $1.1 million will go toward major theater renovations and the rest will go toward efforts such as building a cash reserve that are aimed at keeping the nonprofit running long-term.

“The theater will face the next 40 years with the right space and resources to serve its audiences with the revolutionary attention its mission demands,” said Amanda White Thietje, the theater’s managing director and campaign project manager, in a news release.

Updates to Mixed Blood’s historic firehouse theater include redesigning and expanding the lobby to double as a neighborhood event center and increasing accessibility throughout the building. Construction began May 4 and is expected to be completed in September.