The Wolves broke camp in Mankato late Sunday afternoon and they open their seven-game preseason schedule Tuesday at Indiana and Flip Saunders has a plan.

He intends to play about 10 players -- "a lot of people," he says -- but not all of his veteran players, including veteran guard Kevin Martin who is out until at least Thursday because of a groin adductor strain that he injured in a scrimmage on Saturday.

"We want to look at a lot of different people, we want to look at a lot of lineup," Saunders said. "The main thing is to go through the process and evaluate players. We do have some evaluation to do amongst our players: Who's going to be here, but also what the lineups are going to be. We're not going to play everybody because then they don't get a chance to get a ful run.

"We'll probably pick 10 guys to play and who we pick has no bearing on where they are right now coming of camp. I know we'll play some guy who might not be starting if we were starting (the season) for good."

Saunders said he'll sit down with his coaches and head athletic trainer Gregg Farnam after Monday's practice and plot out a plan for players. He said the entire roster will travel to Indianapolis, even though eight players might not play much, if at all.

"We want to start preparing like it's a game," Saunders said. "We'll do the game-prep stuff. We'll do the walk-through and everything else, so the young guys -- and even the veterans, they haven't been around us -- will know how we deal with game-day situations."

The Wolves spent six days practicing against each other. Now they'll finally face somebody.

For a look at some of what they accomplished or learned from those six days in Mankato, here's the story for Monday's paper I wrote about five things that week away showed.