Minnesotan Katrina Radke's stay on "Survivor" wasn't a long one.

The former Olympic swimmer was sent to the exit in the premiere episode of the CBS show's 35th edition, "Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers," set in Fiji.

On her Twitter account Wednesday, Radke said she is "proud of who I am and appreciate that I played @survivorcbs. #survivorhhh more to come!"

In an interview Wednesday night with the Hollywood Reporter, host Jeff Probst called Radke's exit, only three days into the game, the result of an early mistake.

"She's really engaging, and she wants to connect, and maybe she overconnected," Probst said. "She went too far to try to get to know people."

"Everything she sacrificed to be here, for three days, and she walked away from Tribal. I'm sure she's upset, or mad or both," he added.

Radke is no stranger to competition, finishing fifth in the 200-meter butterfly event during the 1988 Seoul Games.

According to the insidesurvivor.com website, Radke, 46, currently works as a sport psychologist, therapist, and professor at California's Foothill College, but considers Excelsior her home. She is married to former Olympics swim coach Ross Gerry.

She is the author of "Be Your Best Without Stress: It's Not About The Medal," which chronicles her battle against Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome.

Here's a video interview with Radke:

Staff writer Neal Justin contributed to this report.