Three offseason things to ponder:

1. Roster changeups: Given the rush to assemble the 2017 squad, expect several roster changes. Coach Adrian Heath has not been satisfied with his team's performances this season.

2. Allianz Field: Yes, United will play one more year in TCF Bank Stadium, but the team's soccer-specific St. Paul home will be taking shape. If United can maintain its 20,000-fan average, it will be selling out Allianz Field in 2019.

3. More wins! Managing a respectable 10-17-6 record in their first year and avoiding finishing dead last, the Loons are bound to be better with a year of experience in hand. As a sign of their slow progression, consider that in the last 10 games of the season, the Loons tallied 14 points; in the first 10 games, they had 11.