Minnesota's Waiting Child

Ricky is an adorable 9-year-old who loves to play outdoors and run. He says, "I would like to be in a home with lots of treats and time to play outside."

Ricky rides his bike, builds forts, watches movies, plays with Legos and swims. He likes to read and get into character through acting. Ricky also possesses a dry sense of humor end enjoys helping with cleaning and home projects.

He would benefit from having parents who could help him develop social and communication skills. Ricky's sensitivity and quick reactions when frustrated may try parents' patience, but by accessing community services parents and Ricky will be better supported throughout his life. 

Ricky would like to either be part of a family where he'd have older siblings to look up to or get all the attention of being an only child. He'd also like to have his adoptive family visit him several times before he moves into his new home.

For additional information about Ricky, contact Lorenzo Davis, MARN, at 612-746-5129. www.mnadopt.org.