Lilly, 15, is shy, but she doesn't stay that way. She can quickly be chatty and has a lot of questions.

If you show a little interest, she'll quickly begin gushing about her favorite YouTubers, why the American education system is "like, sooo messed up," and that one time that she saved a friend's life. Lilly loves to share her quirky interests and likes to read — but only for fun, NOT for school. She likes swimming and gymnastics, but says she doesn't know why you should have to go to swim practice if "you're already good." She likes green tea, and white vanilla mochas (decaf only) and is a very adventurous eater, and really enjoyed trying squid and seaweed. Those who know her describe her as artistic, creative and quite a debater. Lilly agrees, saying she's "very argumentative" but not in a defiant way, just a "personality way." She describes herself as "very childlike, but that's what happens when you don't get a childhood."

Lilly is open to a single-parent family, or a mom-dad, mom-mom or dad-dad family. When asked what families are for, she says helping with reminders and giving advice, and adds that she "wants to learn how to whistle." Lilly has strong, ongoing relationships with supportive, positive birth family members, and it's important that this continues, wherever she goes.

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