Maybe Kathy Griffin should consider buying a condo in Uptown. Not that the comic has the time to make walking around the lakes a habit. Hosting her own talk show, counting down to the New Year on CNN, guest-starring on TV series and churning out books, Griffin squeezes in a Twin Cities appearance only every two years.

But locals have been eating up her act since she was an unquestionable D-lister, which is why her shows next Saturday at the State Theatre are being taped for a Bravo special, expected to air in January.

Griffin, 52, spoke by phone from Boston about her local popularity, pizza night with Cher and why she's ticked off by the Grammys.

Q Why do you think you're so popular in the Twin Cities?

A I'm from Chicago, so I'm a Midwesterner at heart with Midwesterner sensibilities. I love that people in Minneapolis actually read the paper, which they don't do in L.A. We don't believe in papers. We believe in TMZ and Twitter. When Bravo asked where I wanted to tape the next special, I said it had to be Minneapolis. I love that you guys are so used to freaky cold weather. In L.A., if there's even a slight drizzle, they want to cancel the show.

Q Another connection with Minneapolis is "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." Is it true that you were obsessed with it?

A I wanted to be Rhoda. I mean, I worshiped Mary Tyler Moore -- who doesn't? -- but I always felt more comfortable being the sidekick or the nosy neighbor. You get to come in, tell a few jokes, and just leave. When Quentin Tarantino heard I got [cast in the sitcom] "Suddenly Susan," he said, "I'm so happy for you! You finally get to be the wisecracking secretary!"

Q The political season was rich for comedians. Are you going through withdrawal?

A It was a gold mine, but it was tough getting booed if I joked about Obama. The thing I do best is tell personal stories about celebrities, like insider trading. Now we can get back to that.

Q Right before the election, you and Cher teamed up to tape a spot supporting same-sex marriage. How did that come about?

A She called me. She's very politically active. Her tweets are priceless. She's a pop star, I'm a comedian, but mostly we were there to serve the gay community.

Q What's it like to be friends with Cher?

A I can't get over it. One night I was over at her house. We were in bed watching TV and decided we wanted a pizza, but because we're both famous, we didn't know how to order delivery. I had to have my assistant do it.

Q Another person you have great chemistry with is Anderson Cooper. Will you be doing New Year's Eve again with him this year?

A Yes. Once again, my goal is to get him fired. We've got a great little combo going.

Q What are your long-range goals? Where do you see yourself five years from now?

A I really want to do more of the same and do it better. Standup will always be my first love.

Q What about hosting the Oscars?

A That's way beyond the pale for me, but I'd love to present at the Grammys. I mean, I've been nominated for a Grammy four years in a row. Not to go all Rodney Dangerfield on you, but I think I deserve a little respect. Those shows need someone to shake it up. They usually realize too late that you need someone to create a moment. This year, I was nominated for an Emmy and I once again lost to the Kennedy Center Honors. I'm checking with my legal folks right now, but I'm hoping to call this next special "Kathy Griffin: Kennedy Center Honors." Maybe I can fool a few voters. • 612-673-7431 • Twitter: @nealjustin