1975: Passage of the Minnesota Gun Control Act, supported by Attorney General Warren Spannaus, creating waiting period and background checks for handgun purchases.

1982: "Dump Spannaus" movement by NRA blamed for his defeat in DFL gubernatorial primary.

1985: Legislature forbids cities from having stronger gun laws than the state.

Early 1990s: Unsuccessful attempts to ban assault weapons; these firearms become subject to same background checks as handguns.

1994, 1998, 2002: Gun control-supporting DFL gubernatorial candidates Tony Bouza, Hubert Humphrey III and Roger Moe are defeated.

1996-2003: Debate leading to passage of NRA-supported concealed weapons law, expanding access to law-abiding adults. (Law invalidated in court and re-passed by Legislature in 2005.)

2011: Legislature passes NRA-supported bill to expand definition of self-defense; Gov. Dayton vetoes it.

2013: In wake of Newtown, Conn., school shootings, DFL-controlled Legislature expected to look at ways to reduce gun violence.