State fishing report

Alexandria area: Anglers are enjoying good walleye action on lakes such as Reno, Mary, and Miltona using leeches or nightcrawlers at 17-25 feet. Bass and northerns are active on the chain of lakes (Lake Geneva, Lake Carlos, Lake Le Homme Dieu, Lake Victoria) near weed lines at 12-14 feet. Lake Reno also is producing northern action using daredevils, spinner baits or sucker minnows.

Bemidji area: Walleyes are taking nightcrawlers or leeches on Lake Bemidji near shoreline structures or weed lines at 6-8 feet. Lake Plantagenet is producing some smaller walleyes at 8-18 feet using fathead minnows or nightcrawlers. Balm Lake has produced the best bass action, while Cass Lake has provided some good northern action.

Lake Minnetonka: The best walleye action has been in the evenings from about 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Anglers are using leeches with floaters at 24-26 feet on Wayzata, Browns and Smith bays and 15-18 feet on the western bays. Bass are taking senko or bigger jigs at 13-14 feet near the weed lines. Good sunfish action is at 6-7 feet using small leeches or wax worms. Muskie action has been sporadic, but a few have been caught using small bucktails near weed flats.

Lake Vermilion: Most walleye anglers are focusing their efforts around the Frazier Bay area using nightcrawlers with slipbobbers at around 10 feet off weed edges. Muskie action has been outstanding around the Vermilion Dam area using topwater baits. Bass and bluegills are at shallow depths using worms or leeches. The Vermilion and Little Fork rivers also are producing good walleye and bass action using leeches or crawlers on weed edges.

Mankato area: Lake Washington is producing the best walleye action at about 8 feet with slip bobbers using nightcrawlers. Jefferson and Madison lakes have provided good bass and northern action along weed lines. Bass are hitting on topwater frog baits while northerns are taking spoons or spinner baits.

Rainy Lake: The best spots to catch walleyes are the reefs near Grindstone and Fox Island, jigging in about 25 feet with minnows or leeches. Anglers are casting lures along the rocky southern shorelines for bass and smaller minnows for crappies in most bays. On the Rainy River, below Ranier Rapids or near the dam, walleyes are hitting on spinner rigs with minnows.