Minnesota election calendar 2018

With a competitive governor’s race, two U.S. Senate races and more tossup Congressional races than any other state, Minnesota’s midterm elections this year are already in the national spotlight.

Use the links below to follow these key dates and more in your favorite calendar tool. We will keep the calendar updated with key elements of the Star Tribune’s election coverage — including polls, profiles and other efforts to help you be a better voter in November.

Sept. 21
Absentee and early voting opens for general election
Similar to the primary election, voters can begin casting early ballots for the general election in November.
Oct. 15
Federal campaign finance: Quarterly filing deadline
Candidates in Minnesota's races for U.S. House and Senate will file reports detailing fundraising and spending from July 1 through Sept. 30. This also begins a period of furious pre-election campaign finance reporting for both state and federal candidates.
Oct. 16
Pre-registration ends for general election
The last day for voters to register early before the general election. Don’t worry: If you don’t register early, you can still register at your polling place on Election Day.
Oct. 23
State campaign finance: 24-hour reporting begins
Candidates for state office are required to begin filing reports of major campaign contributions within 24 hours of when they are made. This allows citizens to quickly track which groups and interests are spending in support of their favored candidates in the frantic days before the election.
Oct. 25
Federal campaign finance: Filing deadline for final pre-election report
Federal campaigns for U.S. House and Senate are required to file one final report before the election, detailing the period between Oct. 1 and Oct. 17. Minnesota's competitive House and Senate races are already targets for major outside spending, so these reports will be helpful in showing which groups and individuals are trying to influence those races in the crucial closing days of the campaign.
Oct. 29
State campaign finance: Filing deadline for final pre-election report
One more campaign finance filing deadline, this time for state candidates. Candidates for governor and other state offices are required to file one more regular report before the election, which details fundraising and spending through late October.
Nov. 6
General election
This is it: Election Day. Minnesota routinely boasts the highest voter turnout in the nation, and being home to so many competitive races with the potential to influence national politics, excitement and anticipation will be high. Polls in most places open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.

Source: Minnesota Secretary of State, Minnesota Campaign Finance Board, Federal Election Commission