GOP U.S. Rep. Michelle Fischbach, who declined to ask for earmarks during her first term, is now requesting federal money for several Minnesota projects.

The move comes after Republicans took control of the U.S. House earlier this year.

Fischbach's office did not respond to questions about her decision. Earmarks returned in 2021 under Democrats' watch and are labeled in the House as community project funding requests. Fischbach's website shows she asked for four projects to get money. Her fellow Minnesota Republicans in Congress each asked that about a dozen projects get federal help, according to their respective congressional websites.

Fischbach, now in her second term, requested money for the Red Rock Rural Water System tank installation project as well as two other projects dealing with water. A letter on Fischbach's website also said she asked that federal dollars be dedicated to "an addition to the Fulda City Hall and Fire station."

Documents show every member of Minnesota's congressional delegation is asking for earmarks this year, including Republican U.S. Rep. Brad Finstad. Finstad's office also did not comment on his decision. When Finstad took office last August after winning a special election, the deadline for that year's earmark requests had already closed.