Minneapolis residents left out of the city's first phase of curbside organics pickup will soon be able to get the service in their neighborhoods.

The city will expand its organics recycling program to all single-family homes this spring -- as long as residents sign up by Feb. 1. About 12,000 homes already using the service, which debuted in August, and the city says a total of 34,000 households have signed up.

Residents can recycle food scraps, eggshells, paper towels and a variety of other items in green bins, which the city will distribute before it expands the program. People who live in areas already getting the service can sign up and get a bin within a few weeks.

Eligible homeowners are already paying for the service in their montly waste collection bill. To sign up, residents can call the city at 612-673-2917 or email SWRcustomer@minneapolismn.gov.