Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau has appointed Kristine Arneson as the department's new assistant chief, filling a void that will be left by Matthew Clark, who is leaving the department for the top cop job with the University of Minnesota police.

“This was a very easy choice to make," Harteau said in a statement. "Kris has proven to be an extremely successful leader in her 30 years of service as a member of the Minneapolis Police Department. Her track record as a community builder makes her a perfect fit for the job.”

The assistant chief reports directly to the chief and oversees the department’s day-to-day operations and 9-1-1 response.

Arneson, who is being promoted from deputy chief overseeing the investigative division, has led the department’s implementation of the Office of Justice Program’s recommendations following its assessment on the department's performance management system. She has also served as the inspector of the 5th and 1st Precincts and as a homicide investigator. Arneson also helped with efforts to create a safety center for the Somali community at Riverside Plaza.

Arneson’s first day as assistant chief will be on July 5, the day before Clark takes over his new post.

It was announced last month that Clark accepted the chief position at the University of Minnesota police department succeeding Greg Hestness, who is retiring after 11 years on the job. Clark had been an assistant to Harteau since 2012.