Last year Minneapolis North shattered Breck's perfect record, scoring 72 points on the Mustangs.

On Friday the Mustangs gave the Polars a run for their money, taking a six-point lead at halftime in the battle of unbeaten teams. But Minneapolis North, with a 32-point outburst in the second half, took a 54-28 victory in the Mustangs' homecoming game.

Breck quarterback David Roddy had 63 rushing yards and completed 14 of 25 attempts for 195 passing yards. He threw two touchdown passes and ran for another touchdown to give the Mustangs their 28-22 edge at halftime.

Minneapolis North coach Charles Adams said he tried to remain calm.

"I told them, 'Let's go lock down defense,'‚ÄČ" he said. "No points allowed. Let's score."

A 42-yard rushing touchdown early in the second half by Minneapolis North's Omar Brown, followed by a 44-yard touchdown pass from Zach Yeager to Brown, spurred the 32-point run for the Polars (4-0).

Yeager, the Polars quarterback, said Breck (3-1) came out really fast. But he was able to keep his composure throughout the game because of preparation.

The players, he said, spent the past week eating lunch in the coach's office, where they could watch film to study ways to stop Roddy and his offense.