Taylor Swift's Eras Tour isn't just about the music. It's about the energy, the community and, of course, the fashion.

Victoria Younggren clearly understands.

Younggren, 34, who hails from Hallock, Minn., is seeing Swift for the very first time this weekend.

"I've wanted to see her forever, and whether it's timing or finances, I've never been able to pull it off," said Younggren. "I can't believe I got tickets to this one."

She's thrilled to be seeing her lifelong musical icon ("I'm only a year older than Taylor, so I've pretty much listened to her music and been a fan since the very beginning," she said) and is determined to look like the hardcore fan she is.

For the Minneapolis show, Younggren, a professional seamstress, created an outfit that's a near-perfect re-creation of what of Swift wore in her "Bejeweled" music video. The Marie Antoinette-style dress boasts a miniskirt and a bustier completed with a powdered wig.

She's been working on it for two months, posting the process for others to see on TikTok. It's just one of the many TikToks that fans are posting of their Swift-inspired outfits, with some going viral. (The TikTok tag "Eras Tour Outfits" boasts 1.2 billion views. And an AI mock-up of Taylor Swift's voice telling fans how good their outfits look has over 31,000 videos attached to it.)

"I like that steam-punk, Victorian look," Younggren said.

She picked a costume that few fans will likely try to replicate, and she also chose an unlikely fabric for the opulent outfit: "It's actually made out of old curtains," she said.

After having to buy tickets on resale above face value, she wanted to save money when creating the outfit.

After seeing Younggren's attire on TikTok, women from across the country have contacted her to commission their own Eras Tour outfits. She's happily obliged, helping Swifties from Minnesota to California create their own personalized looks.

She's made multiple sequin-adorned shirts, with famous Taylor Swift-isms like "I had the best day with you today" and "Not a whole lot going on at the moment."

She even made an outfit for her husband to wear to the concert, based on the outfit Jack Antonoff wears for his cameo in the "Bejeweled" music video.

"He's going to look like an old couch, pretty much, but it'll be hilarious," Younggren said.

But dressing for the show isn't limited to pros.

Sophia Nelson, a recent high school graduate from Savage, is super into Swift.

"In fifth grade, I got the '1989' album downloaded on my iPod," Nelson said. "My family was like 'Wow, you really like Taylor Swift.' "

But she's not so into sewing. Still, that didn't stop her from re-creating Swift's 2021 Grammy's dress, which is basically a wearable bouquet of flowers. She's stitching colorful flowers onto a white wide-skirted dress.

It's turned out to be a painstaking process.

She's also designing a special pair of tennis shoes, adorned with drawings representing each of Swift's eras.

"It's taking a lot longer than I imagined," Nelson said. "People probably think I'm obsessive, and crazy."

But Nelson, who's attending the show with her mom, aunt and cousins, said she wanted to honor her favorite artist and maybe, just maybe, stand out of the crowd.

"I knew that I didn't want to just buy something off Amazon or something like that, because everyone's going to have that," she said.