Attention, Minneapolis property owners: Got a yard or driveway that’s littered with garbage and needs some cleanup?

Better get to it.

With the snow finally gone and lawns greening up, the city’s Housing Inspections Services staff is keeping an eye out for nuisance violations on properties to help keep the city “safe, clean and livable,” according to a news release.

While inspectors keep tabs on nuisance violations throughout the year, violations tend to be more common once winter’s snowpack has melted, the city said.

Among the most common violations:

• Grass or weeds on a lawn that exceed 8 inches in height.

• Inoperable vehicles stored on the property, including those with flat tires or expired tabs.

• Bushes or plants that hang over sidewalks, curbs or the street.

• Garbage on lawns.

• Brush or branches that might pose a fire hazard or attract rodents.

Property owners with violations will be notified by letter by the city. They will have “about a week” to address the issue, according to the news release.

“What we will do is work with every resident. We do not want to mow someone’s lawn and we do not want to pick up things,” said Pat Hilden, a manager on the Housing Inspections Services staff.

If the violation is not fixed by the due date, the city will hire a contractor to do the work at the property owner’s expense.

For more information, call 311 or check out Minneapolis’ inspections page online at The city offers resources to assist seniors, veterans and residents with disabilities.


David Mullen is a University of Minnesota student on assignment for the Star Tribune.