A top advisor to Stewart Mills' campaign for Congress in 2014 sent an e-mail to members of a key administrative committee of the Republican Party of Minnesota last week claiming the party's top officials were not providing accurate information about the party's debt.

In an e-mail sent to the Republican Party of Minnesota's State Executive Committee, Mills' campaign manager Mike Lukach wrote, "I'm emailing you because I believe you, as the executive board have been misled about significant portions of the party's debt."

Lukas' e-mail forwarded an e-mail sent to the Republican Party of Minnesota's State Executive Committee by Peter Valcarce, the founder and chairman of Arena Communications, which is based in Salt Lake City. 

As first reported by the Star Tribune's Patrick Condon, Arena Communications is owed over $200,000 in overdue bills by the Republican Party of Minnesota for work from the 2014 elections

Lukach ended his e-mail by writing, "[f]rom trading notes with other campaign and committee staffers my understanding is that Arena is not the only mail shop which has been left hanging with new, unstructured MNGOP debt."

In his e-mail sent last Monday to party officials, Valcarce expressed strong frustration that a recent annual report from the Republican Party of Minnesota claimed "[w]e were able to support our endorsed candidates through the Primary and with a statewide victory program, while simultaneously meeting our financial obligations and paying down debt."  

Valcarce labeled the claim about the party's debt a "total falsehood" in his e-mail.

A member of the Republican Party of Minnesota State Executive Committee confirmed the e-mails from Lukach and Valcarce were discussed at a meeting last Thursday evening. Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Keith Downey did not respond to request for comment.