Megyn Kelly appeared on “Good Morning America” on Tuesday morning to discuss her new book, “Settle for More,” and said that former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes “tried to kiss” her three times against her will.

“I wrestled with what to do, because I wasn’t sure what the truth was about Roger,” Kelly told George Stephanopoulos. “I knew my own experience, but he and I had gone on to have nine years of a healthy, working relationship.”

Kelly didn’t reveal her encounters with Ailes until former colleague Gretchen Carlson came forward and accused the Fox News co-founder of sexual harassment earlier this year. 

“In my mind I had attributed it to, he was interested in me. He was having a marital difficulty; perhaps he was just interested in having an extramarital affair,” Kelly said. “It culminated in a physical attempt to be with me, which I rejected in his office and then I contacted a lawyer. He tried to kiss me three times.”

Kelly said that after she rejected her boss’ advances, he asked when her contract was up. She said that she went to a supervisor and was told to just ignore Ailes.

– so suffice it to say that no good deed goes unpunished.”

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