A new St. Paul City Council sat down for its first meeting of the term on Jan. 2. Here's a list of the council members and how to contact them.


Council member: Melvin Carter III

Aide: Acooa Lee

Phone: 651-266-8610

E-mail: ward1@ci.stpaul.mn.us

Goals for the term: My overall mission for this term is to build power and hope in Ward One, the heart of St. Paul. And with that in mind, my highest priority is to ensure that planning, construction and operation of light-rail transit and Central Corridor development recognizes and actively serves the needs of Ward One residents.


Council member: Dave Thune

Aide: Pat Lindgren

Phone: 651-266-8620

E-mail: ward2@ci.stpaul.mn.us

Goals for the term: I'll focus on several development projects: Seven Corners, old Schmidt Brewery, downtown retail and working with local community development corporations. Vacant buildings and foreclosures -- especially on the West Side and West 7th -- are major concerns that require multiple, complex solutions involving the neighborhoods. I'll work aggressively to ensure free speech and public safety during the Republican National Convention.


Council member: Pat Harris

Aide: John Marshall

Phone: 651-266-8630

E-mail: ward3@ci.stpaul.mn.us

Goals for the term: Public safety should be the focus of any community and will remain my top priority. Key enhancements to our libraries, responsible planning for the Ford site and a fiscally responsible and affordable city budget will also be critical in keeping St. Paul a great place to live and work.


Council member: Russ Stark

Aide: Samantha Henningson

Phone: 651-266-8640

E-mail: ward4@ci.stpaul.mn.us

Goals for the term: The Central Corridor project must move forward in a way that will maximize the livability of Ward 4 and St. Paul for decades to come. An effective response to the foreclosure and vacant housing issue and making a more sustainable city -- in terms of energy use, transportation, and the new green economy -- are other top goals.


Council member: Lee Helgen

Aide: Jennifer Dunn

Phone: 651-266-8650

E-mail: ward5@ci.stpaul.mn.us

Goals for the term: Make Rice Street the place to do business. Bring resources to the North End and East Side that improve the quality of life for residents. Continue to work on keeping Como Park a family-friendly place. Bring broadband to Saint Paul to make and keep us competitive and a desirable place to work and live.


Council member: Dan Bostrom

Aide: Scott Renstrom

Phone: 651-266-8660

E-mail: ward6@ ci.stpaul.mn.us

Goals for the term: My focus has been and will continue to be having the city ensure safe, clean and affordable neighborhoods. Also important is creating economic opportunities for our residents through building strong commercial corridors and expanding the tax base through light-industrial projects like Williams Hill and Phalen Corridor.


Council member: Kathy Lantry

Aide: Ellen Biales

Phone: 651-266-8670

E-mail: ward7 @ci.stpaul.mn.us

Goals for the term: Neighborhood livability and superior city services are my focus. I'll continue advocating for policies that encourage investment in the city's housing stock and infrastructure, attract and retain businesses that pay living wages and keep our community safe and healthy. I'll also keep up efforts to put the city on a sound financial base.

Chris Havens • 651-298-1542