Apparently, I've been wrong to think Now there's a person who'd never coach a child of mine while watching Tennessee's great Pat Summitt rant and prowl on the sideline.

"She's kind of intense on the court but she's not really that scary," said Nicky Anosike, of Tennessee, back-to-back winners of the NCAA Women's National Championship. "She's actually pretty nice off the court and she's been a mother figure to a lot of us."

Anosike, a 6-3 center from Staten Island, and Stanford's Candice Wiggins, a 5-11.5 guard from San Diego, were making the media rounds Thursday, as the newest members of the WNBA's Minnesota Lynx. On Tuesday Anosike and Wiggins were opponents in the championship game that Tennessee won 64-48, giving Summitt her eighth national title. (Of course, Summitt wins points with me for the utter detestation she seems to have for UConn's arrogant Geno Auriemma.)

I crossed paths Thursday with the new Lynx at FOX 9, where everybody was anxious to see the money shot: Anosike and Wiggins standing next to "FOX9 Morning Show" anchor Alix Kendall, 5-1.5 on a good day.

With Wiggins coming from Stanford, the expectation is that she'll speak standard English when a mike is put in front of her. Sadly that cannot be expected when too many American-born members of the NBA open their mouths, sounding as if they never even saw a college English teacher.

"They teach us how to speak properly at Stanford. Most of the time I follow those rules, sometimes I err," smiled Wiggins, the National Player of the Year.

Adding these two talented kids to the Lynx roster should result in a winning 10th season.

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