The Minneapolis Tribune began publishing a daily horoscope in March 1914. The earliest ones are credited to Leo Bernart. The uncredited horoscope below was distributed by the McClure Newspaper Syndicate.


“The stars incline, but do not compel.”
According to astrology, this is an unfortunate day, since Venus, the Sun, Uranus and Mars are all in evil aspect and Jupiter alone is friendly.
In the early hours it is well to be exceedingly careful in all important matters.
Women should be exceedingly cautious in all love affairs, as they are likely to be easily deceived and greatly disappointed.
It is not a good rule under which to make new friends of the opposite sex. The middle aged again are warned of a tendency toward sentimentality that may be easily produced by this position of the stars.
  Is "ambitious politician" redundant? Minnesota's 19th governor, Joseph Burnquist, was elected in 1916. He became governor the year before, when Gov. Winfield Hammond died in office. (Photo courtesy
Mars indicates a sudden sharpening of interest in military affairs.
There is a sign fairly auspicious for commercial transactions. Bankers and financiers should profit from this sway.
The Sun gives sinister warning. Under this direction it is most unwise to seek favors of any sort.
There is a sign indicating a tendency toward egotism and pride on the part of persons in public place. This may cause misfortune for certain ambitious politicians.
In states where women have the franchise there may be surprising incidents followed by extraordinary results for favorite candidates for high office, the seers declare.
Honors for women will balance certain revelations that may be unpleasant concerning well known personalities.
Astrology indicates a new vogue for flowers or rather an increased use of them, owing to some sort of a philanthropic movement.
Cyclones may be more prevalent this season than for many previous years.
Fame for a preacher who will come from the west is prognosticated.
The appearance of many teachers of mysterious creeds is again predicted.
Persons whose birthdate it is should pursue routine ways during the coming year. Changes will be unlucky.
Children born on this day may meet many vicissitudes in life. Secret enemies often retard the progress of these subjects of Taurus. – Copyright, 1916, by McClure Newspaper Syndicate.