A landslide in La Paz, Bolivia, destroyed hundreds of homes over the weekend.Fortunately, the area was evacuated on Saturday, just before the slide occurredwith no deaths reported.

Rainfall has been heavier than normal across Bolivia in recent weeks. Theofficial reporting station in La Paz has measured nearly 2.5 inches of rainover the past fie days. Nearly 2 inches of rain fell Friday and Saturday.

(AP Photo taken by Juan Karita)Smaller landslides are still occurring in the densely populated Valle de LasFlores neighborhood. More than 400 homes were wiped out on a piece of landcovering around 225 acres.

Rain continued to fall Monday. The weather pattern will likely remain wetterthan normal over the next week, so the threat of more slides continues.

Story by Dave Samuhel, AccuWeather.com Meteorologist.