1. Ravens (9-2)

If the regular season ended today, 31 teams would lose to Baltimore.

2. Patriots (10-1)

Unfortunately for Baltimore, the Patriots still have a month to figure things out.

3. Seahawks (9-2)

Russell Wilson is the first quarterback to open his career with eight straight winning seasons.

4. 49ers (10-1)

Super Bowl 54 forecast: Lots of defense with a chance of the 49ers beating New England 2-0 with a safety in OT.

5. Saints (9-2)

Sorry, Saints fans. You don’t get to complain, get a rule changed and then complain when your new rule bites you on the …

6. Packers (8-3)

Green Bay not ready for prime time. Literally.

7. Chiefs (7-4)

Is it good or bad to be facing a Raiders team that just got smoked by the Jets?

8. Vikings (8-3)

Unofficial Twitter poll reveals that 352% of Vikings fans believe their team will lose at Seattle on Monday night.

9. Texans (7-4)

Next up: New England. Texans 1-10 against the Patriots. Only Texan coach to beat Belichick: Gary Kubiak.

10. Titans (6-5)

Ryan Tannehill throws four TD passes while raising record to 4-1 this season. Yes, that Ryan Tannehill.

11. Bills (8-3)

Just so you know, Frank Gore needed 68 more games — 4¼ seasons — to pass Barry Sanders for third on the all-time rushing list.

12. Rams (6-5)

Apparently, Sean McVay’s brain is only as good as his offensive line. Funny how that works.

13. Cowboys (6-5)

The Wilfs might want to throw a lasso around Mike Zimmer cuz Jerry ain’t happy with Jason.

14. Browns (5-6)

Hey, fellas. This time, if Mason throws a temper tantrum, turn the other cheek and do NOT beat him with his helmet.

15. Eagles (5-6)

Unwatchable offense is Philly Not-so-Special.

16. Jets (4-7)

Sam Darnold and the Jets have scored 34 points in three straight games, all wins. Yes, that Sam Darnold and those Jets.

17. Raiders (6-5)

As soon as it felt safe to safe to defend Jon Gruden, he got nipped by the Jets 34-3.

18. Colts (6-5)

Season sweep of Titans at home on Sunday would sink Tennessee to 1-3 in the AFC South with two games left against Houston.

19. Steelers (6-5)

Never fear, Devlin “Duck” Hodges is here! Keep your chinstrap tight, Duck.

20. Panthers (5-6)

Carolina is 1-10 in games played after Nov. 4 the past two seasons.

21. Chargers (4-7)

Philip Rivers ranks 25th in passer rating (85.5). He’s seven spots behind Marcus Mariota, for gosh sakes.

22. Bears (5-6)

But cheer up, Philip. You’re still four spots ahead of Mitch Trubisky (80.5).

23. Buccaneers (4-7)

And don’t fret, Jameis. You and your 20 interceptions still have a passer rating (82.3) that’s better than Mitch’s mark.

24. Falcons (3-8)

Those thuds you heard Sunday were Matt Ryan and the Falcons’ strange two-game win streak returning to earth.

25. Jaguars (4-7)

John DeFilippo’s offense was held to 36 points in their three-game losing streak.

26. Broncos (3-8)

Lifeless second half against Vikings continues as Denver puts up 134 yards and three points in loss to Buffalo.

27. Dolphins (2-9)

Philly’s offense should enjoy South Beach after Bills (37), Browns (41) reach season-high point totals vs. Dolphins.

28. Cardinals (3-7-1)

They play the Rams twice in final five weeks. Why does that feel like a bad thing for L. A.?

29. Redskins (2-9)

Dwayne Haskins becomes first quarterback in 100 seasons to post a 47.5 passer rating and miss the end of a game while taking a selfie.

30. Giants (2-9)

Former Vikings offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur setting himself up to become future Vikings offensive coordinator.

31. Lions (3-7-1)

When a Washington QB is taking smiley-face selfies at the end of your game, it’s officially over.

32. Bengals (0-11)

The good news: Zac Taylor broke one of Shula’s records. The bad news: It was Dave Shula’s team record for worst career start.