Biggest jump: Redskins No. 20 to No. 7

Biggest fall: Buccaneers No. 7 to No. 24

1. Chiefs, 3-0 (Last week: 1)

Kareem Hunt, the 86th overall pick this year, is on pace for … wait for it … 2,138 yards rushing.

2. Falcons, 3-0 (5)

Matt Ryan threw three interceptions, but Falcons did what eight unbeaten teams didn't: Win.

3. Patriots, 2-1 (2)

They've given up 95 points in three games, but Tom Brady's magic keeps them in top three.

4. Eagles, 2-1 (11)

The vibe looks good in Philly. Even defensive meltdowns lead to carrying rookie kickers off the field.

5. Titans, 2-1 (15)

They muscled Seattle's vaunted defense for three touchdowns in the third quarter.

6. Lions, 2-1 (6)

A 10-second runoff after the officials mistakenly stop play is a bad rule that needs changing.

7. Redskins, 2-1 (20)

No surprise in how the offense played. Big surprise in how the defense dominated Oakland.

8. Packers, 2-1 (12)

Good teams find ways to win messy games while shorthanded against inferior opponents.

9. Jaguars, 2-1 (18)

The Jags are so unaccustomed to winning that they ran a fake punt while leading 37-0.

10. Bills, 2-1 (19)

It's early, but Buffalo is leading league in fewest points allowed. Yes, Buffalo.

11. Broncos, 2-1 (3)

Two late, ugly picks give Trevor Siemian the second-worst passer rating (58.2) in his 18 starts.

12. Cowboys, 2-1 (13)

Monday night wasn't pretty, but Dak Prescott and the offense were efficient in the red zone.

13. Raiders, 2-1 (4)

Four sacks allowed, 32 yards rushing. So much for crowning Oakland's O-line.

14. Steelers, 2-1 (10)

Something's not quite right with the Steelers. And there's another road game next week.

15. Vikings, 2-1 (16)

The NFL is so unpredictable, it's often quite predictable.

16. Saints, 1-2 (25)

Drew Brees scored a lot of points and actually won a game. Finally.

17. Panthers, 2-1 (8)

You know things aren't right offensively when you play host to Saints and only score 13 points.

18. Ravens, 2-1 (9)

Still think this year's Ravens defense compares to the one in 2000? Mr. London, Blake Bortles, threw four TDs.

19. Rams, 2-1 (21)

They've reached 40 points as many times (two) in three games under Sean McVay as they did under Jeff Fisher.

20. Seahawks, 1-2 (14)

Add defense to the list of concerns after Tennessee scores from 55, 24 and 75 yards in one quarter.

21. Bears, 1-2 (24)

They aren't very good. Neither is their QB. But they did run for 220 to beat Pittsburgh.

22. Texans, 1-2 (24)

How in the world did Bill O'Brien not see that Deshaun Watson was his Week 1 starter?

23. Cardinals, 1-2 (22)

Phil Dawson is 2-for-4 on field goals of 30-39 yards, including a momentum-killing miss Monday.

24. Buccaneers, 1-1 (7)

Like a lot of NFL teams, they proved emphatically that they aren't nearly as good on the road.

25. Jets, 1-2 (28)

If the Jets still are tanking the season, they forgot to not dominate the Dolphins.

26. Dolphins, 1-1 (17)

Jay Cutler's smile lasted one week. Now he has to keep pace with Brees in London.

27. Chargers, 0-3 (23)

Well, if they had to lose, Younghoe Koo probably didn't mind it being by two touchdowns.

28. Colts, 1-2 (30)

At least the Browns gave them one victory before Andrew Luck returns.

29. Bengals, 0-3 (32)

At least new offensive coordinator Bill Lazor made the Packers work for a win at Lambeau.

30. 49ers, 0-3 (31)

They showed some life in a 41-39 loss to the Rams. Baby steps.

31. Giants, 0-3 (26)

Once a Super Bowl contender with a Manning and a strong defense, this team is now a train wreck.

32. Browns, 0-3 (22)

Welcome home, Cleveland. Only seven months until you win the draft again.