A 37-year-old Minneapolis man has been charged with second degree murder for a slaying last October in south Minneapolis that was captured on a surveillance video operated by a nearby business.

A second man is in custody in connection with the killing, according to a search warrant, but court records indicated he had not been charged.

Maurice Tyrone Forest was charged Monday with killing Ahmed Jirde, 21, of Minneapolis.

According to court documents, the surveillance video shows a man matching Forest’s description shoot into a car while another man stood behind him on Oct. 15. The two men then fled.

Responding to a 911 call at 8:25 p.m., police arrived in the area of E. Franklin Avenue and 11th Avenue S., where they found Jirde unresponsive and slumped over in the front passenger seat of a parked car.

He was bleeding from an apparent gunshot wound to the head and was pronounced dead at the scene. Police found two holes in the front passenger door, and a third hole in the bottom corner of the windshield, nearest the front passenger seat. Four cartridge casings were found nearby.

A witness told police that he and Jirde had been driven to the area by a third man. The driver parked the car and left, saying he would return.

The witness, who is not identified in police reports, and Jirde were sitting in the car when the witness heard a series of gunshots. When the shooting stopped, he realized Jirde had been shot and called 911.

The driver, who is also not identified, told police he left the car and went looking for a man he knew as “G,” whom he later identified as Forest, with the intention of purchasing some crack cocaine.

The driver said he found Forest with another man who was carrying a black handgun. He said Forest encouraged the other man to shoot the driver.

Then, the driver said, Forest directed him to a nearby mall, asking him whether he had seen anything. The police complaint does not state how the driver responded. Forest gave the driver some crack cocaine and the driver returned to the car, which was now surrounded by police, and learned that Jirde had been shot, the criminal complaint said.

Forest is jailed in lieu of $1 million bail. His next court appearance is scheduled for August.