From left to right, winner Buzzy Cohen, host Alex Trebek, Alan Lin and Austin Rogers

Macalester College grad Austin Rogers may go down as one of the most successful contestants in "Jeopardy" history, but he fell short in his attempt to win the show's Tournament of Champions.

Buzzy Cohen, a music executive from LA, came from behind in the two-day finals to top software engineer Alan Lin and bartender Rogers, who currently lives in New York City. Cohen collected $250,000; Rogers' third-place finish earned him $50,000.

Rogers had nothing but praise for the competition.

"I never anticipated a cakewalk, but I also never anticipated that each individual player would be so vastly superior to regular season opponents," Rogers said in a statement Friday. "We were all champions already, so any outcome was just gravy. While sitting for lunch, Alan, Buzzy and I said, 'Hey. All of already have $50,000 guaranteed -- so who cares?'"

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