I owe my meteorology career to three gifted teachers, a weather merit badge and a tropical storm named Agnes. It flooded our home in 1972, and that was the kick in the pants I needed to turn a curiosity into a career. To this day I have a healthy respect for hurricanes, just about the only weather phenomenon Minnesotans don't have to worry about.

NOAA's 2024 hurricane forecast is off the charts: 17-25 named storms, 8-13 of those major (111 mph+ winds), roughly double the usual number due to record warm water in the Atlantic. Hype? ABC's Ginger Zee points out that NOAA's National Hurricane Center actually under-forecast four of the past five seasons. Take any holiday showers here in stride.

Skies brighten Sunday, a mostly dry day with highs near 70. I'm planning my outdoor stuff Sunday, because the risk of showers increases significantly on Memorial Day, when .25″ to .50″ rain may fall. Another soaking storm is possible next week. Our wet pattern shows no signs of winding down anytime soon.

But no hurricanes in sight. Or tornadoes. Good times.