Careers have several phases - the early years of small thankless roles, the breakthrough role, the long fame-solidifying role in a successful series, and then . . . the lawsuit phase.

You'd want the jury to hear that, yes. He's also suing her. TMZ says:

Of course.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out, and whether his career has long-term damage. Or whether he has one. Or needs one. If he invested well, he could just move to Hawaii and live on a pineapple farm, where no one will ever come up and ask him to explain the last episode of "Lost." I understood it, but it's still not completely clear. The part about the bomb is confusing, now that I think about it. Did it kill everyone, and that's why they went sideways in time to the after-party? I think it would be easier to watch the entire show in reverse, so it becomes a long drama about people with very confusing stories who eventually get scooped up by an airplane that backs into the gate at an Australian airport, and they go back their simple, easily-explained life.