First baseman-designated hitter Logan Morrison's season is over as he was placed on the disabled list with the same left hip impingement that landed him on the list one month ago.

This time, he's going to have season ending surgery on his hip.

"There's some history there," Molitor said. "He's been dealing with certain symptoms at certain times and sometimes they are more tolerable than others and he's played through it. It's hard to measure the effect on this season. It is something that we have decided to go forward with now, sooner than later, with the potential of that being a fairly long recovery, depending on what they have to once they get in there."

And that closes the book on Morrison, who batted .186 with 15 home runs and 39 RBI. The Twins signed him to a one year deal worth $6.5 million, that includes a $1 million buyout, after he hit 38 home runs for Tampa Bay last season.

The signing seemed like a good one at the time. It was the part of free agency in which many players were without a team at the start of training camp, and it was a shopper's market. Morrison got off to a slow start, which he has had before, but could never get going.

There no way the Twins will pick up the option on his contract, and the sides will part ways after the season,

The call up of Austin on Friday indicated that something was going to happen with Morrison. The move opens up space for Kohl Stewart, who will make his major league debut on Sunday.

Mejia not looking good.

Lefthander Adalberto Mejia's season looks in jeopardy as well, as he has been diagnosed with a nerve traction injury. There is more testing to be done, but it doesn't appear that Mejia will be pitching anytime soon.

"They are going to try to get that a little bit more precise as to how they are going to define it and how extensive the time down will be and that he proper treatment is for it," Molitor said.

Molitor said it doesn't appear to involve the ulnar nerve.

Mejia injured himself on the final pitch of his outing on Tuesday in Cleveland while finishing up five innings of scoreless work against the Indians. He felt a twinge near his wrist at first, but then more of the arm was affected. He had trouble playing catch on Friday in Detroit and was sent to the Twin Cities for tests.

Mejia was 2-0 with a 2.01 ERA, and had thrown 10 scoreless innings in two starts against Cleveland. He was trending upward, but now is down.