MILWAUKEE -- I'm at the Pfister Hotel for baseball's annual GM meetings. I'll check in here from time-to-time with updates.

It's quiet here so far, as Terry Ryan and most GMs aren't expected to arrive until this afternoon. Scott Boras and his assistants passed through the lobby this morning, and I did pick up one tidbit. Boras is advising Arizona State shortstop Devin Marrero, the multi-talented junior who has been projected to go in the Top 5 of next June's draft.

The Twins hold the No. 2 pick, of course, so you had to figure they'd run into a few potential Boras clients. He represents Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper, who commanded mega deals after the Nationals made them the No. 1 picks, respectively, in the 2009 and 2010 drafts.

Boras represents Prince Fielder, Ryan Madson, Edwin Jackson and Carlos Pena from this year's free agent class. I don't see the Twins matching up with them, but here's a name to keep in mind: Ivan (Pudge) Rodriguez. He turns 40 in November and batted just .218/.281/.323 in 44 games for Washington this year, but the Twins probably could get him as a low-cost backup for Joe Mauer.

Quick plug

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