If we build one, then we should own them

There is a solution to the Vikings' need for a new stadium and the Legislature and governor's desire to focus on funding basic needs in an economic downturn (Star Tribune, Feb. 12) but it will mean taking on the NFL's rules against community ownership.

What is needed is a statewide campaign to sell shares in a new corporation set up exclusively to build a stadium. The Vikings are called the Minnesota Vikings for a reason, and there is no justifiable reason to not sell shares in a new stadium (i.e., lifetime season tickets) across the whole state. Vikings fans in Morris, Duluth, Rochester, International Falls and Rushford deserve just as much of an opportunity to be part of the solution to keep the team in the state as do fans in the metro area.

The only entity that does not win in such a scenario is the NFL, and it is past time to take that organization to court, challenge its antitrust exemption and override its ability to prevent communities from owning or operating NFL franchises, and/or their stadiums.



The Vikings can't be serious about having taxpayers fund a new stadium for them, can they? Not in these tough economic times -- or ever! In plain terms, it's extortion. Even with threats of moving the team to Los Angeles, it does nothing to inspire me, as a taxpayer, to want to pay for a new stadium for a bunch of millionaires.

I don't care how much the apparent "know-it-all" NFL says there needs to be a new stadium here. The Dome was good enough for them only two-plus decades ago. Did it become obsolete? Seems we survive OK with countless public schools, libraries, courthouses, etc., that are much older.

The name "Los Angeles Vikings" does have a nice ring to it.



You want waste? How about the war in Iraq?

The $790 billion stimulus package comes out to about $2,633.33 per person. That is a lot of money, so I'll offer this deal. I will pay each conservative $2,633.33 to cover their share of the stimulus package if they will pay me $16,666.66 for my share of the $5 trillion in debt Bush ran up in my name. The net difference is $14,033.33 each conservative would owe me. Any takers?



A Canadian doctor, Laurence J. Peter, formulated "The Peter Principle" in 1968. The principle is that "in a hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence."

In the spirit of the Equal Rights Amendment proposal and coincident with the many and varied, outstanding achievements of women over the past 40 years -- it is fitting that America also recognizes the fruition of a female counterpart to the Peter Principle -- "in a hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to her level of incompetence."

Be it resolved that, henceforth, this counterpart is to be referred to as "The Pelosi Principle."



Consider how it affects victims and their families

Clearly none of the justices who currently sits on the Minnesota Supreme Court has ever been the victim of a serious crime. I have worked with victims of violent crime for several years, including individuals affected by physical and sexual assault. It is hard enough to testify without cameras being allowed in the courtroom.

I cannot imagine how victims will feel with their very personal, horrible experiences being televised ("Pilot program will test issue of cameras in court," Feb. 13). We have now begun to travel down a most unfortunate path.



Blame the owners for ignoring the evidence

Bud Selig should be ranting at himself and the other selfish owners for turning their backs on their star players who turned to steroids. Funny, the amount of money the owners made, especially on the Mark McGwire-Sammy Sosa home-run battle, made them less aware of what their million-dollar investments were doing to their bodies. Put an asterisk on every owner's name for not stepping in and stopping this scandal before it started.



His morning visits will be missed by many

How can we be without Paul Douglas' wise wit and pen? He left our eyes and ears about a year ago, but at least we could be comforted with his daily connect in our paper.

His column was read daily and often quoted. His style was personal and with a wit that lifted the spirit. He was positive and powerful.

Good luck to you, dear friend. We all feel we know you like a member of our families. I will try to follow you via your new company, but it will never replace opening to your forecast and your personal reach to me every morning.