"Sarah Palin's Alaska" doesn't belong on a network owned by the Discovery Channel ("Palin's Alaska series set for TLC," March 26). Her flippant encouragement of brutality in the political arena is nothing compared with her enthusiastic support of countless disruptions of the natural world in Alaska. What is being planned to present on her show -- the thawing tundra? The desecration of wildlife caused by the Exxon Valdez? Drowning polar bears? Or hunting game from a helicopter? By agreeing to take her show, Discovery is catering to the base impulses of a certain sector in a vain attempt to capture a new audience. The channel may bag some of the drill-baby-drill set, but it will lose many more viewers who, like me, marvel at our natural world and seek to protect it for the future, rather than condemn it to ceaseless exploitation. VICKI WRIGHT, BURNSVILLE