The Sept. 23 editorial page contained two depictions of Israel as aggressor and Palestine as victim.

First, the editorial cartoon showed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanding to confiscate the desk of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and put up a settlement in response to President Obama's stating that we need fresh thinking to deal with Abbas' unilateral bid for Palestinian statehood before the United Nations.

In addition, a letter to the editor stated that "Palestine has nothing to negotiate with. Israel simply holds all the cards. Israel has a monopoly on war power in the region ..."

I suggest a completely different paradigm. Turn the letter writer's assessment 180 degrees and state that the Palestinians hold all the cards and leverage in gaining statehood.

However, that will require tremendous courage and faith on the part of Palestinian leadership. I recommend that Palestinian leaders call what they perceive to be Israel's bluff.

How, you may ask? First, release Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier captured years ago, from captivity.

Second, change the Palestinian charter to recognize Israel's right to exist. Eliminate the language that instead calls for Israel's destruction.

Third, silence the weapons, the violence. No more rockets, and take actions to prevent terrorist activity in the region.

Through nonviolence, courage and faith, the Palestinian leadership could have statehood in a matter of months.