The Star Tribune's Nov. 20 editorial about the budget supercommittee strained the definition of Minnesota Nice past the breaking point. These "12 ordinary mortals in pinstripes" were not that at all.

They were a block of legislative experience that totals well more than 200 years in Congress. They knew what could be done and how to do it. All that was missing is courage and honor.

To say that they "had a few scant months to wrestle with a complex problem" is to ignore or forgive their involvement in creating a mess that threatens not only our economic future, but that of the world.

This "complex problem" has been laying before the Congress for years.

If the leaders of Congress had wanted the supercommittee to succeed, you can bet your life there would have been success. Congress is not out of control; it is only out of the control of voters who want some cuts and some revenue and some fiscal sanity.

Someone please tell me that America can do better.