Every so often, an angel takes leave from her celestial home to visit our world. No, she doesn't have a halo and she has no wings, but what sets her apart from us mere mortals is that sparkle in her eyes.

This little angel goes about her business quietly and hardly noticed. What gives her away are the tears of joy, the smiles of delight and the hearts filled with love of those she comes in contact with.

We in the Twin Cities are fortunate to have a little angel among us. Her name is Carly Glomstad of Maple Grove ("Sharing Valentine's Day love with those who need it," Feb. 14).

This little 7-year-old prepares Valentine's bags for people who are staying at Hope Lodge, a Minneapolis facility for those needing extended care for cancer treatments. Why does Carly do this?

"I want to do something for people who don't get Valentine's cards. ... It makes me feel good," she says.

Our little angel saves and donates her own money, enlists the support of her family and classmates, and spends her day helping others feel good.

That is what makes an angel an angel in our world. And we're very lucky to have someone as loving, caring and unselfish as Carly in our community.