As an adoptive parent and social worker, I read with interest and concern the recent article "Newfound challenges unite adoptees" (Aug. 2). I support open records and believe a group for adoptees can be helpful.

Unfortunately adoption is more complex than the story showed. It's possible that the birth mother can't or won't see the adoptee. Her situation or emotional state may make it impossible to develop a connection.

I supported our daughter in her search. Unfortunately the adoption agency wouldn't help and she did pay to find her birth mother -- who agreed to meet my daughter but failed to do so, then didn't have further contact.

This second rejection was even more painful and further compounded the initial felt loss.

It's important that adoptees searching for their birth mother or father be adequately counseled so they understand that their search may not have the desired ending.

They also need to understand that the birth parent's current situation may not be what they think it is or would like it to be.