What a way to start the day. By writing about warts.

Twins outfielder Michael Cuddyer this morning set the record straight about the wart that this intrepid reporter first informed the world about over a week ago.

I never thought I would get this deep into wart reporting, so I'm going to hand the floor over to Cuddyer as he addressed some of misinformation his manager released about the situation yesterday.

``First of all, it is not worrisome,' he said. ``On February 26 it is not worrisome. March 26, it would be worrisome.

``I did not do any home remedies. It was never infected.

``Cutting it out is not an option because that's two to three months, or something like that.

``The plan is that there's this cream coming..."

``A wart is a virus, without getting too much in the physiology of it. Your antibodies don't see the virus because it is in the skin. What the deal is you try to irritate the wart so it is in the body so the antibodies can attack it and fight the virus off.

``The creme is supposed to irritate it enough to where the antibodies will see it and hopefully attack it."

The wart popped up (if that's what it does) right before Thanksgiving. Cuddyer visited a dermatologist twice to have it frozen but it did not work. He planned to do everything but run today. He can run in a straight line, but the wart is on the outer ball of his left foot so it is hard to turn.

Cuddyer won't play in the first couple of spring training games,

Check back later for post workout notes.