It's Valentine's Day, so lend us a bow and a few arrows. We're going to play TV Cupid.

We know there are characters all over the airwaves who are in desperate need of some love. And there are many characters stuck in toxic relationships -- or relationships that simply lack spark.

The problem is that they're simply running with the wrong crowd. They need to get out and meet other people.

So imagine a prime-time realm where all our favorites can cross over into other shows to make their love connections. Consider the possibilities.

Liz Lemon ("30 Rock") and Jack Bauer ("24")

Let's put the opposites-attract theory to the test. Our unlucky-in-love homebody could use some exhilarating adventure in her life. And our stressed-out super agent needs a brand of human interaction that doesn't end up feeling like torture. Besides, we're pretty sure that, despite her socially awkward demeanor, Liz has the ability to "rock" Jack's world in ways a bomb-wielding terrorist never could.

Nora Walker ("Brothers and Sisters") and Leroy Jethro Gibbs ("NCIS")

After years of trying to keep her dysfunctional family together, Nora is due for a little romance. But she's only going to find it with a no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is man who can stand up to her busybody kids. Gibbs has lots of experience keeping his rabble group of agents in line, so he's certainly up to the task.

Betty Suarez ("Ugly Betty") and Chuck Bass ("Gossip Girl")

We're smitten by romances that pair people from opposite sides of the tracks, even if they might seem weird on the surface. So let's bring together the vain bad boy from the Upper East Side and the sweet-natured girl from Queens. She could teach him about humility and deflate his sense of entitlement. He could introduce her to the finer things in life and enhance her sense of style.

Melinda Gordon ("Ghost Whisperer") and Dexter Morgan ("Dexter")

Don't ask us why, but we're intrigued by a possible relationship between a woman who communicates with ghosts and a man with skeletons in the closet. In sharing their deliciously dark worlds, perhaps she can help the troubled serial killer uncover clues to his mysterious past, or make peace with his victims. Either way, we bet you could cut the sexual tension with a knife.

Kate Austen ("Lost") and Bill Henrickson ("Big Love")

Forget living on the run. Forget Jack and Sawyer. Kate requires some stability in her life. And instead of having to choose, she should allow herself to be the chosen. Kate might make a great fourth wife for Bill, and her "adopted" son Aaron would receive plenty of nurturing among the many "others" in Bill's life.

Meredith Grey ("Grey's Anatomy") and J.D. Dorian ("Scrubs")

Yes, he and his tousled hair are lovely to look at, but McDreamy is really just a McDead-end. Meredith needs someone else to play doctor with -- someone who can inject a few laughs into her anxiety-ridden life. Meanwhile, J.D. could use a hot new star for his fantasy sequences.

Charlie Harper ("Two and a Half Men") and Edie Britt ("Desperate Housewives")

Let's face it, we're never going to tame one of prime time's biggest sex hounds. So why not just pair him with a hedonistic woman who can match his flaming carnal needs and let them get busy?

Claire Bennet ("Heroes") and Sheldon Cooper ("The Big Bang Theory")

It's a classic beauty-and-the-geek pairing. The socially maladjusted Sheldon has a thing for superheroes, and there are few women more super than the lovely and highly durable Claire. Besides, if he ever breaks her heart, she'll have the ability to rapidly mend it like new.

Olivia Benson ("Law & Order: SVU" ) and Patrick Jane ("The Mentalist")

It's time to stop yearning for a Benson-Stabler coupling. Our most-adored female detective needs a man (and partner) who can read her and is in touch with her feelings -- someone without a lot of anger issues. Besides, Patrick is a wavy-haired dream boat. And single.

Ted Mosby and Stella Zinman ("How I Met Your Mother")

We still think she's the mother in question. Sure, Ted already proposed and Stella left him at the altar. But their chemistry was apparent from their first "two-minute date." Now let's find a way to bring them back together and end the mystery once and for all.