The Legislature on Monday gave final approval to $17 million in recovery dollars for 47 Minnesota counties and three American Indian reservations that suffered damages and expense from flooding in June 2014.

The House voted unanimously in favor of the legislation on Monday afternoon. The Senate also passed the measure unanimously, last week, meaning it now heads to the desk of Gov. Mark Dayton. He is expected to sign the bill.

Several factors combined to bring on last June's floods, which were among the most severe and widespread in years in the state. A heavy snowpack from the previous winter, waves of torrential rain throughout spring and early summer, and a major June storm that brought nearly six inches of rain to many areas.

Most of the counties and reservations involved already had 75 percent of their flood costs covered by the federal government, with the state filling in the remaining 25 percent. The counties of Dakota, Washington and Morrison did not qualify for federal assistance, so in those case the state is paying more of their expenses.

The flood relief bill is the second passed in the 2015 session, following legislation that Dayton signed over the weekend to match Minnesota tax laws with federal counterparts.