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People filed past the makeshift memorial next to Prince's star on First Avenue's wall of stars. They took photos and posed for their own, left letters

'No stone unturned' as officials look for answers in Prince's death

Prince was found alone in his massive Chanhassen recording complex by employees who became alarmed when they couldn't reach him. There were no signs of foul play or suicide.
Prince grew up in Minneapolis but had lived in Chanhassen for years.

Prince: global rock star, musical genius, cultural icon — and a good neighbor

April 24, 2016
Only after Prince's death are some fans seeing another side of the music legend, with heartfelt stories of his anonymous generosity appearing at memorials and in social media posts around the Twin Cities.
At First Ave where "Purple Rain" was filmed, fans of Prince paid tribute to the pop icon who passed away.

IF YOU GO: Free showings of 'Purple Rain,' dance parties this weekend

April 23, 2016
Prince is gone but you can watch the Purple One's cult movie all week long, and dance the night away too.

LEGACY: How Prince's royal touch still impacts the local music scene

April 22, 2016
Perhaps just as important as Prince putting the Twin Cities music scene on the map for the rest of the world, he blurred the lines…

Carver County sheriff reports latest on Prince's death

April 23, 2016
Prince was found alone in his massive Paisley Park studio complex, Carver County officials said Friday, and there are no signs that his death involved foul play or suicide.

Twin Cities, world show love for Prince's purple majesty

April 22, 2016
Hours after learning about the pop star's death Thursday morning at Paisley Park in Chanhassen, fans around the world took to social media to pay their respects to Prince and his music. Thursday night, thousands gathered in downtown Minneapolis to remember the legend who was one of them.

VIRAL: The maker of the Corvette paid a special tribute to Prince

April 22, 2016
Chevrolet, a company that is forever linked to the Minnesota legend's music, offered a special tribute in the Star Tribune and the New York Times this morning.

Amy Schumer raises a glass (or bottle) to Prince

April 22, 2016
The red-hot comedian does her best to generate laughs on a night of mourning in Minneapolis.

Obituary: Prince was a once-in-a-generation artist

April 28, 2016
Though he was a puzzle at times, the rocker was a true Minnesotan who revolutionized music more than once in a nearly 40-year career.

Video: Thousands sing 'Purple Rain' in downtown Minneapolis

April 23, 2016
Thousands of fans sing "Purple Rain" at downtown Minneapolis block party

Thousands of fans flock downtown to First Avenue to honor Prince

April 23, 2016
Entertained by some of the local music scene's biggest names. the crowd sang and danced at downtown party Thursday night.

Oral history: Prince's life, as told by the people who knew him best

June 7, 2019
An oral history compiled by the Star Tribune staff in 2004, when the man behind the "Minneapolis sound" was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

ESSENTIAL SONGS: Star Tribune critics share their mixtape

April 21, 2016
Here's how the Star Tribune's music critics would program their Prince collections:

Photos: Fans continue to mourn Prince

April 23, 2016
Twin cities fans mourn Prince the day after. Fans gathered at 1st Ave to remember Prince.

Want to hear Prince music? Radio stations fill online void in wake of his death

April 22, 2016
Fans can't hear his music on Spotify and other online music sites, but 89.3 the Current and First Avenue are going all out.

Photos: Fans gather to remember Prince across the Twin Cities

April 24, 2016
Fans gathered at various places in the Twin Cities to mourn Prince including Paisley Park and First Avenue.

A gallery of Prince's album covers

April 28, 2016
The evolution of Prince's music.

How Prince and critic Jon Bream learned to see eye to eye

April 23, 2016
I knew him for six years before he looked me in the eye. Yes, Prince was very shy. Until he got onstage. Or until you…

TIMELINE: Prince's life in Minnesota

April 23, 2016
The late pop star left his mark here — filming at First Ave, opening a club, performing for fans at Paisley Park.

First Avenue hosts all-night dance party to honor Prince

April 22, 2016
In Minneapolis, music lovers are mourning the loss and celebrating the life of Prince. • Minneapolis nightclub First Avenue, 701 N. 1st Av., will host…

At KMOJ radio: 'It's OK to cry'

May 30, 2016
KMOJ host Walter Q Bear Banks recalls why he knew his childhood friend Prince was special from day one.

Jon Bream shares his memories of Prince

April 22, 2016
Jon Bream has covered Prince from the start of his career, listen to him reflect on the life of the Minneapolis music legend.

Fans leave flowers, touch Prince's star on First Avenue's wall

April 23, 2016
Officials shared memories of the music legend.

Watch Prince's greatest live music videos

April 22, 2016
As the world mourns the death of music legend and Minnesota native Prince, here are some of the best live videos available on the internet.

Photos: Prince Rogers Nelson's concerts

May 1, 2016
Pop music superstar Prince has died at his home in Chanhassen at age 57.

PRINCE MEMORIES: Twin Cities fans share their stories

April 21, 2016
They mourned and shared stories on social media after news spread of the beloved musician's death

Minnesota businesses pay tribute to Prince on social media

April 21, 2016
Using social media, large and small businesses paid tribute to the state's most famous star.

The real story behind Prince's junior high basketball photo

March 6, 2015
A photo of Prince the hoopster went viral today after it was posted on Twitter, prompting Deadspin, Slate and others to write that "Prince was an Afro-rocking, coach-hating schoolboy basketball star." Here's the real story behind the photo from the reporter who wrote the article.

Prince fans react: 'He meant so much to me'

May 30, 2016
Prince fans gathered outside of Paisley Park and First Avenue to share their shock and grief about his death.

Prince and sports: A fittingly eclectic history

April 21, 2016
Prince, who died Thursday morning in Chanhassen, played basketball in Minneapolis and was a regular at Timberwolves games — particularly during the original Kevin Garnett era.

'All's good' with Prince, back in Chanhassen after emergency Ill. landing

April 16, 2016
The pop star's jet made an emergency landing on the way home from a show in Atlanta, records show. One source told the Star Tribune he had been suffering from "bad dehydration."

APRIL 17: Prince offers little speech, even less piano to prove he's fine

April 17, 2016
He was concerned that issues with his health were greatly exaggerated after an emergency plane landing early Friday morning.

PRINCE'S FINAL DAYS: Where he was, what he did

April 22, 2016
April 7: Canceled two Atlanta shows because he wasn’t feeling well. April 12: Tweeted a photo of his new purple piano: BOOM (FROM LOTUSFLOWER) ON…

A night with Prince: 'This is real time'

May 19, 2013
After decades of silence, the Minnesota rocker opens up: "This is real time."

LAST VISIT: Star Tribune reporter watched Prince perform at Paisley Park days before death

April 21, 2016
Star Tribune reporter Sharyn Jackson went to Paisley Park on Saturday, April 17, 2016, in the hopes of seeing Prince. She did.

Share your memories: Pay tribute to the legacy of Prince

April 22, 2016
Prince has died at 57 at his Paisley Park estate in Chanhassen. Share your memories of the Minnesota music legend in our comments section.

Police scanner call to Paisley Park

April 21, 2016
Police scanner call to Paisley Park

911 CALL: Read the transcript of the 911 call from Paisley Park

April 22, 2016
The Carver County Sheriff’s Department has released the transcript from the 911 call reporting Prince’s death on Thursday. An unidentified man called emergency responders asking…

Social media responses to Prince's death spark debate in local marketing community

April 22, 2016
Companies' social media tributes to Prince spark debate in the marketing community.

REACTION: Twin Cities is ground zero for growing Prince tributes

April 23, 2016
Shock, sadness, then a mushrooming explosion of purple and all things Prince. The sudden passing of the Minnesota music icon continued to reverberate rapid-fire across…

'Saturday Night Live' to honor Prince with clip show of musical performances

April 22, 2016
“Saturday Night Live” is paying homage to Prince with a clip show highlighting the musician’s memorable performances on the show over the years. A publicist…

Critical guide: Breaking down 37 of Prince's albums

April 30, 2016
Here's our attempt to sort out the legacy left by one of pop music's most prolific recording artists. The following list of 37 albums is as complete as we can make it, omitting best-ofs, remixes and fan-club releases.

Council member: Name new downtown Minneapolis park for Prince

April 22, 2016
Council Member Jacob Frey said he's interested in exploring the idea of naming the new park near U.S. Bank Stadium for the Minneapolis icon.

Sid to Prince: 'Hey Prince!' Prince to Sid: 'Hello, Mr. Hartman'

April 22, 2016
It isn't rare for 96-year-old columnist Sid Hartman to snare an exclusive interview with someone, but it was pretty rare for Prince to grant one. This is when it happened.

Inside the First Avenue dance party to honor Prince

May 30, 2016
A large crowd sang and danced at First Avenue Thursday night.

Purple majesty: See the Star Tribune print coverage of Prince's death

April 23, 2016
The Twin Cities mourn the death of Prince.

How newspapers worldwide portrayed Prince's death

April 22, 2016
Newspapers across the globe paid tribute to the legend in a variety of ways.

Dayton on Prince: 'We owe him an eternal debt of gratitude'

April 22, 2016
Gov. Mark Dayton praised Prince on Friday, a day after his death, calling him "a towering figure."

C.J.: Memories 'Billy Jack Bitch,' Prince's 'biggest enemy'

April 24, 2016
During our chance 1997 meeting, Prince called me his "biggest enemy," and said he thought items I wrote about him were the fallout of my being "an old girlfriend." I told him to take a good look at me: I didn't in any way resemble the incredibly beautiful women he brought into his life. Prince said that he had a dream he and I might work together in the future.

Sports world pays tribute to Prince

April 22, 2016
Teams and athletes used social media to celebrate the life of Prince, and his music was blasted in stadiums and clubhouses throughout the day.

MTV chief pays tribute to ground-breaking Prince

April 22, 2016
Doug Herzog, who had a front-row seat to Prince's greatest party in 1984, reflects on an artist who helped build the MTV franchise.

A&E Spotlight: Surprise interview with Prince

May 17, 2013
Star Tribune music critic Jon Bream had a sit-down interview with Prince, and the second part of his report is coming Sunday.
July 25, 2018

Prince rules Billboard chart with half of top 10 titles, 4.4 million albums sold

He sold a "staggering" 4.4 million U.S. albums in a week, helped by his aversion to streaming.
October 21, 2016
Prince in concert at the St. Paul Civic Center, December 1984.

What should Prince's estate do to keep his music alive?

The tribute concert is over, and the museum is open. Here's how Prince's family should handle other posthumous projects.
May 5, 2016
Prince donated the music for the Joffrey Ballet's 1993 work "Billboards," which became a huge hit and helped save the company.

Dancers recall Prince as a hard-working 'darling' in tights and ballet slippers

The Twin Cities dance community recalls another side of the artist who first took ballet lessons as a kid.

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