Democratic U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar is a hot ticket on the rubber chicken circuit.

She has spoken to Democratic Party dinners in Ohio, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Indiana of late and now plans to touch down in Iowa, giving her 2016 presidential whiff.

As spotted by the Washington Post, the North Iowa Democrats announced Klobuchar as their 10th Anniversary North Iowa Wing Ding Fundraiser in Clear Lake on August 16.


 "It’s worth noting that Clear Lake is just two hours south of Minneapolis, so it’s not like Klobuchar is traveling great distances," the Washington Post wrote. "But any visit to Iowa must be appropriately looked upon as a potential toe in the water when it comes to the next presidential race."

Klobuchar has brushed off 2016 speculation before saying, "I love my job" but her two decisive election victories in Minnesota and her growing national reputation have made some political prognosticators flutter.