Kevin Garnett talked after the Wolves’ shootaround this morning, and he touched on a number of subjects. Some more than others.

For example: Garnett was asked for his reaction to some criticism about whether interim coach Sam Mitchell was the right man to lead the team going forward.

“Next question,’’ Garnett said.

But he was more effusive when talking about rookie Karl-Anthony Towns in particular and the Wolves young players in general.

Here are some exerpts:

--Here’s what Garnett said of Towns’ 27-point, 17-rebound, six-block performance in Dallas this week: I thought he was reacting,” Garnett said. “I thought he was playing without thinking.’’

--Garnett said he thought Towns is farther ahead at this point in his first season than he thought: “In situations to where he is going to pick up things quicker, in that sense, yes,’’  Garnett said. “He’s very smart. He has a high IQ. He understands basketball. Sometimes (it’s) a little difficult teaching him because he is so smart. I guess that’s a young thing. But he gets a lot of things you teach him very quickly.’’

--Garnett on his message to young players who are experiencing a lot of losses: “It’s a process,” Garnett said. “You don’t just wake up, put your clothes on and TA DA!. You come in here, you work at it. It’s new guys learning each other’s games, understanding new schemes from a new coach, new situations and then you build off that. … Even instant coffee isn’t instant.  What I try to get them to understand is that it’s a process. You don’t just wake up and it happens.’’