Some Katy Parry fans are idiots or she's making this up or the tabloid is making it up or it's all just a larf. We report, you decide. The Daily Star says:

It is impossible to eat a CD. No one would try. Even the dumbest would know that if you take a big enough bite, it shatters, and stabs your soft palate with hideously sharp shards. And then you don't have the CD anymore.

So, do you think it's a made-up story? The original quote seems to be here, at Reached for comment, Perry did not say "I stand by my original remarks. it is possible that one could extract nutrition by careful extraction of various organic polymers used in the CD manufacturing process, but it would be expensive and require the expenditure of more calories than one would gain in the process."

She did not say that because I made it up. Anyway, don't eat CDs. Not even if it smells like candy. The same goes for those Now & Later candies. Takes four hours of chewing to make them attain the consistency of cold spackle.