Introduction: A generational argument played out again Wednesday when Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw was pulled after 80 pitches and seven perfect innings at Target Field against the Twins. Should he have been allowed to try to finish the perfect game? It all depends on who you ask — including Kershaw, who was fine with the move given the circumstances. Regardless, the Twins' offense is in rough shape with Miguel Sano starting the year 0-for-19, Alex Kirilloff going on the IL and their top minor league affiliate in St. Paul getting zero hits on Wednesday.

10:00: Star Tribune columnist Chip Scoggins joins host Michael Rand as they spin forward to the Wolves' first-round playoff series starting Saturday in Memphis. The level of confidence in Anthony Edwards after his 30-point game against the Clippers is matched by the level of concern over Karl-Anthony Towns' growing portfolio of postseason struggles. Simply put, KAT needs to find his game and his composure.

26:00: The WNBA has fewer than one-third of the roster spots as the NBA. That's a major problem that is spotlighted during the draft, which was earlier this week. Plus a major Gophers departure — and perhaps a major addition soon.

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