FORT MYERS, FLA. — After an offseason that was defined by a significant payroll reduction, Twins Executive Chair Joe Pohlad ruled out the possibility of an 11th-hour signing with a top free agent as they did with Carlos Correa two years ago.

There are still a handful of big names available, notably pitchers Blake Snell and Jordan Montgomery, center fielder Cody Bellinger and third baseman Matt Chapman, who are all represented by agent Scott Boras.

"The reason I say no is just because we're going to live pretty much where we're at right now," Pohlad said Tuesday on WCCO radio, the team's flagship station, when asked if the team had room in their budget to sign one of the top four free agents. "What I will say about some flexibility is when [President of Baseball Operations] Derek [Falvey] and his team think there is the right opportunity in front of us, we don't live hard and fast by a specific number.

"That said, we're not going to go out and spend $30 million on a player right now. The players that are out there right now that probably a bunch of fans are talking about, we are not in the market for those players. But there are definitely other players that can have a positive impact on our team that Derek, I'm sure, is looking at."

The Twins have about $120 million committed to their 2024 roster, which is down from the team-record $156 million payroll they carried last year.

Falvey admitted the team intended to cut payroll when he spoke at the general managers meetings in November. The lack of a TV contract played a role in the Twins' offseason spending, but Falvey told the Star Tribune after pushing payroll to record highs for two consecutive seasons, "we know there is some natural ebb and flow to that."

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The Twins signed a one-year TV contract with Diamond Sports Group, Bally Sports North's parent company. Pohlad declined to talk about the specifics of their TV negotiations, but acknowledged the team is receiving less money than the $54.8 million it received in 2023.

"We were working closely with Major League Baseball and collectively decided that this was the best path moving forward in the short term," said Pohlad, who was unavailable to comment Wednesday.

The Twins are open to making more roster moves after they've begun full-squad workouts this week. There is room on the roster to add a righthanded hitter, particularly an outfielder, and all teams want to add more starting pitching depth.

They've shown interest in bringing back free agent center fielder Michael A. Taylor on a one-year deal, though Taylor was previously seeking a two-year deal this offseason. Adam Duvall and Tommy Pham are two more outfielders considered possible targets.

"I think it's understandable … when you just look at it on paper, if we just had the success we did last year, why we would reduce our payroll?" Pohlad said. "In today's game, you can see there are a number of different ways to win. You see that both with the Tampa Bay Rays, the Baltimore Orioles having lower payrolls and turning out very successful products on the field, but also investing in other areas of the business. That is something we are doing. But without a question, the television situation is having an impact on our business. Beyond that, we're just trying to right-size our business, and that's playing into it as well."

Correa, who signed a six-year, $200 million contract last year, says everyone wants to have teams full of big names and pedigrees, but the team's expectations haven't changed with a lower payroll for the upcoming season.

"With the team that we have right now, we can compete against anyone," Correa said. "Whatever business they've got upstairs, that's their business. They understand the business way more than us players do, and there is a reason why they are doing that, which is way above my pay grade. I'm just getting paid to play baseball. But I do know one thing and it's that I trust in this group of players and I trust in the young talent that we have."


* The Twins have 59 players in camp, but lefthanded reliever Jovani Moran is the only one who definitely won't play this year after he underwent Tommy John surgery in November. The Twins briefly released Moran to remove him from the 40-man roster, and he re-signed on a two-year minor league deal. "Doing rehab with people that you know, that's supposed to help," he said.

* Chris Paddack is scheduled to start Friday's exhibition game against the University of Minnesota.